What is Codex Integrum?

A Complete System for Historical Campaigns

Written by martial arts practitioners with real-life fighting experience and based on five hundred year old combat manuals penned by the true Masters of the ancient martial arts, the Codex Integrum series is a window from your game into the lethal reality of combat in the ancient world.

  • Historically Plausible Character Creation
  • Rules for Adventuring in a historical setting
  • Combat Rules based on real historical martial arts
  • Magic that works the way medieval people believed it worked
Codex Integrum: Player's Guide
Codex Martialis: Core Rules

HEMA-Inspired Combat

Emphasizing action, combat maneuvers and the deadly interplay of attack and defense with a minimum of complexity, Codex Martialis is designed to make combat fluid, dynamic and intuitive, in order to bring a greater level of immersion and excitement by adding new tactical options to your gaming session.

Hit the ground running with new options that won’t bog down your game. 

If you want your game to really feel like a fight: this is it.

Magic Based on
Real Medieval Sources

Suitable for a medieval historical or fantasy RPG setting, Codex Superno takes you to a place where someone was just as likely to rely on a magic talisman for protection as they were upon steel armor and the edge of a sharp sword.
The world of Copernicus, Albrecht Dürer, and Christine de Pisan was awakening to reason and the liberating promise of technology, but it was also a realm of sorcery and the occult.

Prepare if you will to enter the capricious, mystical, syncretic realm of a character you might never have encountered before: the Renaissance Magus.

Codex Guide to the Medieval Baltic

Stranger than Fiction:
Discover the Real Medieval World

The Codex Guide to the Medieval Baltic is a general historical overview of the Baltic region in 1456 AD suitible for use by gamers, historical fencers, re-enactors, military historians, and anyone curious about life in Northeastern Europe 500 years in the past.

You have been to Narnia and Middle Earth, to Cimmmeria and even the hideous plateau of Leng. But you have never been to this place.

If you want to know what the medieval world was really like, this is your ticket to a land that is nothing like what you imagined, and is far more interesting, nuanced and engaging than any fantasy genre you’ve ever explored.

Check out the Quick Start Guide
for Free!

Codex Martialis: Quick Start Guide is an abridged version of the Codex Martialis: Core Rules sourcebook that features new combat options for your game, based on martial-arts manuals from the Renaissance era, including:

  • Overhauled Combat Rules
  • Historical Martial Feats
  • Real Weapons and Armor of the Ancient World