Codex Martialis: Armor & Missile Weapons of the Ancient World (Equipment Sourcebook)

A Massive Arsenal of Real Medieval Armor for your RPG

Armor worn in 1470 was similar to the type of steel as is found in ballistic vests today. In fact, in most cases it was made of a tougher type of steel. Then, as now, metal armor was worn in conjunction with textiles to improve ballistic performance, because then, as now, armor was used as protection against guns. The only real difference is that back then armor was also designed to protect against cuts and thrusts and slices and crushing blows as well as from small bits of fast flying lead.

Swords and shields can help enormously in protecting you from personal harm in a sticky situation, but you can only parry so many cuts, and your shield can only block so many attacks. Ultimately, the serious warrior survives a melee by wearing body armor – or by winning before it starts by attacking at a distance.

This work contains a full arsenal of RPG-ready armor and missile weapons ready to grab and go. Choose carefully,: your life may depend on it.