Reiver’s Lament: Tower of the Daoine Uaimhs (Adventure Module)

A Historical Adventure for Codex Martialis, Set in 16th Century Scotland

You are The Young Scotsman. You live in a perilous land, where rival clans are ready to kill for honor and status, where the English are ready to cross the border in a bloody invasion, and your own Scottish government is always capable of swooping down and massacring anyone they feel is causing trouble.
Your brother is in deep trouble, in the rough hands of a foreign power. He is counting on you to save him. Your friends look up to you, and expect you to find a way out of this dangerous situation. Your Clan relies on you to uphold the family honor, and not get your kinfolk into more trouble than they already face.
You have good friends, you have the support of your clan, and you have the hard won skills of a life in the treacherous borderlands, the experience of war. Hard men are aligned against you, men who kill without hesitation. There are unknown secrets in the hills, lethal mysteries that have already cost many people their lives.
Do you have what it takes to navigate your way through the politics, find your way across the misty, moss covered land, cross the fraught border, and get to the bottom of this nightmare?
The Reiver’s Lament: Tower of the Daoine Uaimh is an upcoming historical adventure st in 16th century Scotland. The Reiver’s Lament is part of the Codex Adventum series of historical adventure modules made for the Codex Martialis combat system. This module will explore tensions on the Scotland/English border, rivalries between border clans, and horrors that wait in the medieval Scottish wilderness.