Road to Monsterberg: The Crypt of the Raubritter (Adventure Module)

You’ve faced dragons. You’ve faced demons. You may have even faced Beholders. But have you ever stared down a robber knight?
Welcome to the 15th Century! The year is 1456 and you are a weary traveler making your way from the war-torn Balkans back to the relative safety of the Holy Roman Empire. The only thing that stands in your way is the Duchy of Silesia: Three hundred miles of castles, fortified towns, and deep, spooky forests, drained by the waters of the mighty Oder river. This land of mystery and intrigue is a melting pot of three great cultures: German, Polish, and Czech, and the region is well known both for the strife between its many feuding lords, magnified by the interference of outside powers, and the great wealth of its many mines. The great Via Regia, the Kings Road, travels from the Krakow to the relative safety of Breslau, the mighty city known to the Poles as Wroclaw and to the Czechs as Vertislav. But to get there you’ll have to run the gauntlet of Robber knights, bandits, and the mysterious denizens of the misty woodlands.

The road to Monsterberg, Chapter 1 is a historically based adventure module, part of the Codex Adventum series, and designed for use with the Codex Martialis historical combat system. It is the first of a three-chapter series, but can be played as a stand-alone adventure. The Road To Monsterberg is set in Central Europe in the year 1456. It comes with historical maps of the region, towns and castles, as well as detailed descriptions of towns, markets with equipment and prices, standardized and specific NPCs and both random and planned encounters. This module comes with 12 pre-generated characters which up to 6 can be chosen by your players, or you can use your own. It is intended for 4-7 characters of levels 4-6, made for a low-magic, historical setting. All that is needed to play this module is the Codex Martialis Quickstart rules, which is available for free in the resources section.

“Enjoyable, flexible, and easy to employ”
“If you’re looking to run a harsh and gritty game, this module is perfect for you no matter what system you’re playing”

Ash Alder


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