Sword, Short

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Attack Types
Weapon Size Reach Speed
Defense Base Damage All Primary AP Bonus Grapple Bonus Hardness HP
Short Sword – Baselard, aka “Schweizerdolch, or Schweizerdegen” – all three terms also apply to the Baselard type dagger.
Short Sword with gold hilt fixtures, Bronze, Eastern Zhou province, China, 4th Century BC. This would be a +8 Ehren weapon
A Short Sword, the magnificent Sword of Goujian, 600 BC, Hubei province, China. The blade is mostly bronze but is constructed of several different alloys, maintains an unusually sharp edge and is highly resistant to tarnish. This would be a D8 damage, +12 Ehren weapon.
Kindjal Short Sword with gilded hilt, from Georgia, 18th Century. These weapons were very popular in the Caucasus region and also in Russia and Ukraine. They were often finely made and decorated. This is a +8 Ehren weapon.
Short Sword, Kindjal with ornate silver hilt, Dagestan 19th Century. This is a +5 Ehren weapon.