Melee Weapons

Many great battles start with a shower of arrows, javelins and stones.} But most fights big or small end up close in, with weapons held tightly in the hand. These are the melee weapons, and they range from the small utility knife to the mighty halberd. The weapon you choose also affects your fighting strategy – unlike in some other systems, a sword or an axe can be used for defense as well as offense, and some are better at attack or defense, or for fighting close in or at a distance. Some cause terrible damage, while others are much better at helping you win an engagement without being hurt

Simple Melee Weapons

WeaponSizeReachSpeedDefenseBase DamageAttack TypesPrimaryAP BonusGrapple BonusHard-nessHPCost (sp)
Knife, SmallT060 F12SP621
Knife, LargeT160 F14SPP532
Dagger, SmallT060 F16SPP+21035
StilettoS151 F14PP+4937
Mace, LightS23216BB553
Club, SmallS24214BB422
Axe, Hand AxeS14116CC644
Axe, Woodsman’sS2-2118CBC+2752
Mace, HeavyM31216BB+112203
Mace, FlangedM32218BB142012
Club, War ClubM332110BB5410
Maul, IronM2-61210BB633
Sword, MesserM343 F16SCPC10415
Pitch ForkL40216PP431
Shovel / SpaceL3-2216CBPC+1431
Staff, SmallL655 F14BB535
Club, GreatL50318BB651
Staff, QuarterstaffVL72516BB551
Staff, Iron BoundVL60518BB762

Martial Melee Weapons

WeaponSizeReachSpeedDefenseBase DamageAttack TypesPrimaryAP BonusGrapple BonusHard-nessHPCost (sp)
Dagger, RondelS151 F16PP+41248
Hammer, WarS232 F18BPP+4+2744
Sword, hortM252 F16SCPP935
Sword, FrankishM342 F18SCPC10412
Sword, ArmingM333 F18SCPCP10415
Sword, Cut-ThrustM334 F18SCPP11320
Sword, SabreM35316SCPS1039
Mace, Morning StarM312110(BP)(BP)+216153
Axe, BattleM312112CC756
Sword, LongswordL534 F110SCPCP10440
Sword, GreatswordL524 F212SCPCP10630
Light LanceVL8-1116PP+2535
Spear, HewingVL715110CPCP+2767