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Hans Hellinger

Weapon magic and combat magic in Early Modern Germany. This article informed several of the spells in the Superno. I want to make a caveat without starting any kind of controversy hopefully, but I just think she overuses the term ‘hypermasculinity’ a bit. From my perspective, having been in a few fights in my life, anything which you might believe could preserve you from injury or death, whether rational (a more effective weapon or armor) or superstitious (some of the strange necromancy she describes in the article) might be welcome, irrespective of any gender perspective. The vast majority of people in armies and fighting duels were male, but not all of them (note the Czechs during the Hussite Wars as just one example). Down here where I’m from we also have Voodoo which some people will apply in various superstitious ways toward helping them in any kind of crisis, whether physical or otherwise. Anyway, with that caveat, it is a very interesting article.…/10…/13507486.2015.1028340