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Well, I was operating under my legal name at the time (it’s actually in the acknowledgements of one of the books – I don’t remember the flow of events precisely but I did early version feedback reading at one point with some minor corrections re: table mishaps and such, and I remember something about sending a worried email regarding very similar bulk copy between a section and equivalent text in The Flower of Battle which turned out to be written by the same person rather than there being anything strange going on) and while I don’t have a new one to replace it finalized, that one is very much not me. So it’s a hard spot.

Mostly, I’m juggling between life stuff, trying to do basement game dev, etc. Still haven’t gotten a chance to _use_ Codex in live play, but it’s been a favorite collection element for ages, as said. Closest thing I’ve been able to get a group for is Kevin Crawford’s recent game “Wolves of God”, which if you haven’t had change to read it is a masterwork of conveying the past (or a mythic version thereof, at least) as a foreign country worthy of exploration, in much the way as the Baltic guide sets out to.