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Hans Hellinger

Very interesting and I’d love to see more of these. I’m not sure I agree with your conclusion as far as the rarity and value of metal objects in the 15th Century, in fact I categorically do not, but nevertheless you are bringing good data to the table.

It does indeed matter if this guy is a cobbler or a shoemaker, cobblers only repaired shoes and were low-ranked artisans (who thus could be expected to be poor), while shoemakers were mid-ranked artisans who should have more money.

A lot of artisans also lived in small places – bottom floor is the shop, second (first to Europeans) floor is the residence, and sometimes attic or third (second) floor or attic is a kind of storage warehouse.

These kinds of lists are a lot of times legal documents related to disposing of property. This may have been what was left over after his wife or kids took their share.

But regardless, good data. I’ll see if I can find a few of these myself!