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Hans Hellinger

Again, I am just observing that many players want to be free from daily obligations and complications when they sit down at the table. Empire of the Petal Throne exists, so does Bubblegumshoe and Worminghall and Aces and Eights, so #notAllPlayers.

Well I think you can (with the right structure) do this in a way that is more about giving opportunities and options to the players and maybe the occasional plot hook, without burdening them with obligations. So a bit of a tweak on the historical but a bit closer to the reality.

And yes, I’m well aware, more realistic or historical type play is a distinct minority, but I’m noticing some chatter about it.

I think many people would be interested in a campaign about journeymen on their Wanderjahr in the same city, or settlers in a new free town, especially if you add some SF / fantasy element behind the scenes. Give the players who want to misbehave opportunities to misbehave while giving the ones who like engaging with the world problems and opportunities with guild memberships and lovers and relatives and disputes over land rights.

Yeah that is precisely what I am trying to do. I am creating a world in Central Europe which is basically historical, except adding in the supernatural elements that people of the time believed in; saints have real powers, the Leshy or the Wilder Mann lurks somewhere out in the woods, dangerous spirits congregate around the fields during harvest time, the Magus can summon demons, and the cunning woman can cure ailments and wounds, or make a talisman for you to improve your odds in a sword fight.