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Ooh, big question! I think late medieval people would have loved dyes from industrial chemistry (real black! cheap colourfast crimson and vermillion!) And they did wear some cotton, especially in the Mediterranean and in doublets / jacks. But I think they would have been shocked at people wearing cottong where its going to get rained on (wet cotton sucks heat out of you!), at the way polyester and nylon blends catch fire so easily and cling as they burn, and that everything is so insubstantial and won’t last a month of serious work. Also that you can’t look at someone and immediately see their nationality and their station. If Henry VIII could wear 11 1/2 ounces of gold just in the points of his better arming doublet in 1510/11, POTUS should be wearing at least a kilo of gold right? And then there are the the brocades and the furs and the broadcloth dyed in grain … And why are all the fancy people wearing black and brown and beige like a bunch of monks or Burgundians? Their hose don’t show off their legs properly either.

I’ll never forget wearing the first gown to the mid-shin of three broad yards of cloth and realizing that a winter coat can be warm and breathable not trap you in a sheath of sweat and leave your legs freezing.

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