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Hans Hellinger

Robin Laws is one of the main writers for Pelgrane

When I was writing for them (as a Free Lancer) it was for their old game Dying Earth, which was great fun – Robin basically wrote that game.

I’m not sure who was who (always struggle with that on podcasts), but they both knew a ton about film, which was interesting, and one of those guys was quite erudite. They are deep into the occult history stuff, I learned a bit about Michael Scot. I knew he and Fibbonaci knew each other, but I didn’t know he and Fibbonacci were so tight. That the Liber Abaci was dedicated to Scot, that’s quite interesting. Or that he was instructor of Roger Bacon (who decidedly didn’t like him lol)

Also amusing that he was offered a Bishopric in Ireland (but declined). He had such a sinister reputation in later eras, though probably not deserved, it’s funny to think of him as a prelate. I think that was more because he was openly active as a court astrologer (and other somewhat non-Christian avocations) at a time when people were more orthodox than in say, the late medieval world.