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I have a soft spot for Hennequin of Bruges, who a young Francesco di Marco Datini set up in a shop in Avignon in the 1360s to make, alter, and repolish the mail he was buying and selling. Making mail was not one of the best trades- it was labour-intensive, and the materials were not especially rare or expensive, so it was hard to make much money at it- but it was still worthwhile to bring a man from Flanders all the way to the south of France. What adventures did he have along the way? Why did he leave Bruges? What did he use as a working language when the locals spoke Provençal and his boss / business partner spoke Tuscan? What did he do when Datini made so much money that he decided to return home to Prato? Or when that army of mercenaries showed up to squeeze money out of the pope?