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I love that image/iteration of Saint Sebastian!

Interesting, this is one of the images in the iconography that shows clearly the (somewhat controversial) mediterranean draw/release method with the arrow placed on the outside or dominant side of the bow (right side for right eyed or handed archers).

Most archers who use the Mediterranean or three fingered draw/release method today place the arrow on the inside of the bow, or on the left side for a Right eyed shooter.

Shadiversity (in)famously had made a series of videos where he has experimented with this alternate method of releasing.

Some agree and some disagree with him.

I think the method is absolutely plausible (Shad makes it work for himself with bows of decent draw weight, and even claims, perhaps erroneously or exaggerating, that it helps him get better draw length with higher draw weights), even if I do not think it was particularly common compared to the more standard arrow placement, which has been used for a very long time, still used today by modern archers for accurate shooting.

Any thoughts on this?