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I am adding this video, with this guy who is so much fun (it’s his laugh, ah ha ha hah!)! He’s using modern custom-made equipment including his “instant legolas” device, but at least some of the principles of penetrative power or capaility would be the same, or at least similar, yes?

Notice how both the broadhead arrow and crossbow bolt penetrate roughly comparably lengths.

As far as the physics goes, how would one (roughly) calculate the equivalence in penetrative power of a shorter crossbow bolt with a higher draw weight vs. a longer longbow arrow with a lower draw weight? Other factors put aside, which I’m assuming there are many to consider, what kind of draw lengh and weight ratio is similar enough to compare to?

What would an 8″ crossbow bolt draw length have to be to compare to say, a 150 lb. bow at 30″ draw shooting a 1/4 lb. “maximum weight” arrow?