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Hans Hellinger

Konrad von Landau, died 1363. Though by his name German, this effigy is in Pisa in Tuscany . He was apparently a condottieri, a military contractor. The bar in his hand symbolizes his role as the leader. He was killed in battle by the infamous White Company led by the German hauptmann Albert Sterz and the English condottiero Sir John Hawkwood at the Battle of Canturino.

In a rather subtle way this effigy really conveys the aggressive demeanor of this guy to me. He looks ready to go.

Apparently there is a model or action figure based on this dude

This kid was carved by Tilman Riemenschneider, a famous German woodcarver (and possibly the artist who made the two above). His beautifully depicted longsword is broken off at the tip. He has a nice partly fluted late Gothic harness, a great head of hair and a rather expressive face.

Tilman Riemenscheider