Coming Soon: Codex Ingenium

Codex Ingenium is a lifepath character generation system designed for Codex Martialis, which is currently under beta testing. The current version and database is based on Central Europe in the Late medieval (1350-1520) period. It will allow you to create a character with a realistic background, skill-set, and kit for someone from this world, in a wide variety of permutations, in a short amount of time. Subsequent versions will be set in other times and / or places.

Codex Ingenium is not yet available for purchase though we will soon make snippets of it (a medieval currency converter, some interactive maps, and an equipment bazaar) available on our website.

Codex Ingenium will take you into the world from which your characters and NPC’s originate, and will include a great deal of detail about the socio-economic and political structure of that particular time and place as an historical genre. So in addition to character generation it is also a sourcebook on the setting.