About the Codex Integrum Series

About the Codex Integrum Series

Codex Integrum is the new framework that has grown from the original Codex Martialis system.

The Codex Integrum series consists of several sub-series that focus on different aspects of gaming and history.


The Codex Integrum series currently includes:


     Codex Martialis: core combat rules, weapons, and armor

     Codex Superno: the magic system

     Codex Ingenium: character generation

     Codex “Guide To” Series: history sourcebooks for campaign building

     Codex Adventum: historically based adventures


and will grow to include anything else we come up with!


Codex Integrum is also the name of the new website and forum for the Codex Martialis system, which fans of the codex are invited to explore and participate in. Codex Integrum is not an individual book or product, it is the digital home for all the other books.


The Codex Integrum series was launched in September 2020.