Jean Chandler

Town vs Gown in 14th Century Silesia

New blog post on the “Martial Culture in Medieval Towns” academic blog out of Geneva, by yours truly. Short, but intense. Please read it, and if you like it, spread it around. “What happens when a bishop threatens a town with the inquisition in 14th Century Silesia? Violence, that’s what happens.”

Having fun with Siege Warfare

A siege in the pre-industrial eras was never fun for the participants. Sieges were often the most bloody, exhausting, and brutal engagements experienced by warriors and civilians of the pre-industrial world, and they haven’t gotten any more fun in modern times. But for a reader, safe in their own home or some comfortable library, the …

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That sonofabitch Titivillus

In the 13th Century, the Franciscan Johannes Galensis (aka John of Wales) finished his Tractatus de Penitentia, in which he mentioned a particular pest by the name of Titivillus. This miscreant is a demon or devil who is specifically associated with the persecution of a particular class of people – those who make their living …

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A look at the Cinquedea, Part II

Here we have a brief discussion with medieval history professor, HEMA pioneer and professional swordsmith, Dr. Fabrice Cognot, PhD Jean: Can you briefly introduce yourself, your education, experience with antique swords, with HEMA, and experience making swords? Dr Fabrice Cognot, bladesmith. Did my PhD on medieval weapons (Xth-XVth century mostly) and more specifically how to …

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A look at the Cinquedea, Pt I

The Cinquedea is a mysterious type of blade weapon which appeared in Italy during the second half of the 15th Century, and was largely gone by the second half of the 16th Century. During this period however, especially in the late 15th Century and early 16th, it was very popular, and thousands of examples were …

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Coat, Felt

A coat made of thick felt, which can be worn as under-armor or as stand-alone armor. This is essentially a very primitive type of gambeson, it offers fairly good protection but the armor itself is vulnerable to destruction.

Clothing, Heavy

Outdoor or travelling clothes for winter including a coat or heavy jacket provides fairly significant protection.