Gerard van Delft

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Gerard van Delft          Age: 35              Origin: Delft, Holland                                          Estate: Aristocrat

Appearance: Tall but relatively thin, dark hair, strikingly handsome. Looks younger than his age. Elegantly though not expensively dressed. Slightly slouching posture.

Arms and armor: He carries a sidesword and a dagger, like a scholar. He appears to be wearing textile armor. He wears some seals and talismans which have the look of the Ars Magica. Due to his education and intelligence, Gerard was one of the leaders of the group on their journey to Krakow.

Personality: Suave and charming, ever ready for a drink, a joke or a song. Not always around when there is work to be done. He likes to hold forth on matters of scholarly interest, but he’s seldom boring.

History: He is trained in medicine and was working as a personal physician for one of the nobles in the Black Army, but when plague broke out his patron quickly died.

Language: Speaks Flemish and Latin with great fluency, as well as Greek, Arabic, Bourguignon French, and Low German.

Private Bio: Gerard’s frivolous demeanor hides a more serious side. He is a student of the Arcane Arts with real skill (Magus level 3). He seeks occult knowledge of every type, and one of his Talismans is charged with magic. When Gerard was forced to flee Belgrade after his client, a powerful Captain of the Black Army, succumbed to plague, he lost his spell book and several powerful Talismans. His main goal on his trip back to Holland is to locate and acquire spells, for in spite of his skill he currently has none and can only use a few Cantrips. If he can acquire some real spells he is a formidable spellcaster and much safer in a dangerous world. Gerard is also a trained Physician and he is actually quite good, his +9 skill bonus to his Profession: Physician skill is excellent, so he can help greatly with first aid and healing (see house rules on healing rate).

Fighting Strategy: Gerard is not a fantastic fighter, but he knows a lot. If possible, when expecting a fight, he will use some of his Stealth related Cantrips to put himself in a more advantageous situation. He has a sling but it is only really effective with it for hunting small game. With his sidesword and dagger he relies on his many Feats. The most important ones are Distance Fighting (Free Dice on defense as long as he can back up), Feint (draw off enemy MP with a fake attack) which he excels at due to his high Cha Mod, Point Control (Free Dice against anyone closing to grapple, which can happen if they get tired of chasing him) and Gioco Streto which gives him a fighting chance if he does get into a grapple.

Magic: (Can memorize 4 Cantrips per day): Advance Softly (+2 Movie Silently skill checks), Auditory Embellishment (+2 to Listen), Aura of Superior Intellect (temporarily reduce a listeners intelligence), Calm Hound (+6 Animal Empathy skill check), Depths of the Shadow (+2 to Hide skill check), Disclose Toxins (Detect Poison), Ease the Lock (+2 to Open Lock skill checks), Fashionable Attire (+1  to Diplomacy or Bluff temporarily), Tantalizing Djinn (force people to make Fort Save or sneeze), Untie Knot (unravel a knot at a distance). His favorite trick is to use this Cantrip to untie someone’s shoes or their pants before a fight. His Solomon’s Seal pendant gives him a +1 on Save die rolls against any kind of poison or magic, and a +1 on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive skill checks (this is in addition to what is on his character sheet).

Special: Detect Status, Hausmacht, Patron, Researcher, Rhetoric