Wulf Liedet

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Wulf Liedet                    Age: 35              Origin: Colmar, Alsace                              Estate: Burgher

Appearance: Of medium height, but fit and bearing himself with a dancer’s poise, but with a certain rough presence. Wulf has dark hair and an olive toned complexion, with hazel eyes. He is plainly but very neatly dressed. He wears his hair short and is clean shaven.

Arms and armor: He carries a heavy arbalest crossbow as his main weapon, and has a longsword and a dagger on his hip. He wears light gothic half armor with a sallet helmet.

Personality: Quiet and rather droll, Wulf greatly appreciates good food and wine, but strictly in moderation. He is glad to share a drink with Gerard van Delft but rarely has a second glass. Wulf is very curious and often asks Gerard many questions about the art of medicine, particularly once Gerard is drunk. He, Gerard and Charlotta sometimes have long discussions about wine.

History: He is trained as a locksmith though he never joined the guild, as technically he is still a journeyman. He instead spent many years fighting in the militia against robber knights in Alsace and is a good shot with a crossbow, having won prizes in the Schützenfest. He is also clearly a good fencer though he rarely engages in sport matches with Gerd and Jan. At Belgrade he was working as a gunsmith for Hunyadi, adding matchlock serpentine devices to captured firearms. While with the Black Army he got into a dispute with a soldier who was mistreating a woman, and ended up fighting a duel with the man, who he killed. The incident was famous in Belgrade and he was forced to leave town before being paid, lest he suffer the revenge of the other soldiers. He is still brooding a bit over this incident and his lost pay.

Language: Speaks Alsatian German, High German, and Occitan French. Knows a bit of Rhennish dialect too with which he occasionally has private discussions with Charlotta about wines of the Rhineland.

Private Bio: Wulf went to Hungary to make enough money to finally join the guild and get full citizenship back in Colmar. He had accrued a great deal of back-pay working for Hunyadi but due to the duel, lost out on his wages. He is highly motivated to earn some money before returning home. He needs about ten gulden to properly set himself up.

Fighting Strategy: Wulf is a good fighter all around and is well equipped for combat. With his crossbow spanning skill, he can he can shoot every other round with the crossbow and this is his preferred way to fight (as he feels it’s safest). Ideally he will aim before shooting (which grants and additional +4 to hit) when engaged with targets more than 150’ away, and then make a two dice attack. If closer he will not take the extra time to aim, but will still make a two die attack, and retain one for movement or Active Defense, making good use of cover if available (each 25% cover grants a Free Dice on defense). He also has excellent armor protection from his half-armor. He is however also a skilled fencer, and if he is engaged in close combat he will rely on his Feats to give him an extra advantage. In combat he will usually defend with one die, if he feels threatened he will use his Abzug MF to back out of distance (Free Dice on Defense) giving him another die (for two total). When attacking he usually makes a two die attack, and if he misses but his opponent rolls low, he will use his Mutierin MF to throw in another die for a followup Piercing attack. He does a lot of damage with his sword and can kill most opponents with 2-4 hits (not counting criticals).

Special: Free Pronouncement, Militia, Provisional Citizenship (Colmar)