Gerd Gleichen

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Gerd Gleichen               Age: 27              Origin: Konstanz, Swabia               Estate: Burgher

Appearance: Fit and strong, of medium height and an athletic build, with broad shoulders. He has medium length brown hair and is typically clean shaven.

Arms and armor: He carries a powerful arbalest crossbow, and has a mini-pavise shield on his back. On his belt he wears a longsword and a baselard dagger. He wears Gothic half armor, and has a striking fur cloak. His civilian attire is sharp and features sumptuous furs.

Personality: He is intense and rather soft spoken, though his observations are typically astute, so when he does speak people tend to listen. He is good at put-ons and known to make practical jokes. He likes to fence and he and Jan de Kriek have a friendly rivalry.

History: Gerd is from the town of Konstanz in Swabia, where he has a workshop as a furrier. He joined the Black Army as a mounted marksman in order to make money and pay some debts. He was cautious enough to arrange for most of his earnings to be sent home long before the crescendo of the siege.  Now he just wants to get home to his wife and young child.

Language: He speaks High German, Swabian, and Latin.

Private Bio: Unlike a lot of the other members of the group, Gerd made out pretty well during his time in Hungary. He sent home 10 gulden already and even though the trip out has proven long and expensive, he still carries almost 5 gulden on his person. His main goal is to get home in one piece and preferably with most of his money still in his purse, though he is not averse to making more. Gerd speaks quietly but has a dry humor and a knack for a good put-on. He can talk people into things (good bluff).

Fighting Strategy: Gerd is first and foremost a shooter, and he’s a good shot with his deadly heavy arbalest crossbow. He also has some incendiary bolts he can use to start fires at a distance. If he has a horse, Gerd can ride well and was trained as a mounted marksman – he will shoot, ride away to reload, and then come back to shoot again. It takes him a turn and a half to span his weapon (Prep time 5 MP) so he needs to ride away or hide behind cover for a while between shots. He is well-protected with his Gothic armor and fights well in hand to hand combat using his longsword. In a fight, he is typically cautious, making a two-dice Defense using his Versetzen MF – his Defense die roll also counts as his Attack roll in his first attack against that same opponent. He’ll retain his last MP for another attack after his opponent uses up their pool. He can kill with 3-5 hits with his sword (not counting armor or critical hits).

Special: Free Pronouncement, Provisional Citizenship (Konstanz), Militia, Researcher