Charlotta Wolder

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Charlotta Wolder         Age: 28              Origin: Speyer, Rhineland                       Estate: Patrician

Appearance: Small of stature, she wears her long, dark hair in a braid, though usually covered by her hat. She is neatly dressed in the burgher’s fashion though not in especially expensive clothing. She does wear some jewelry and carries a prominent talisman.

Arms and armor: She carries a walking staff and had a small crossbow on her saddle, which now that they are on foot she has affixed to a sling so she can carry it on her back. She wears civilian clothing.

Personality: Charlotta or ‘Lotte’ as she is known to her friends, is easy going and very calm, though her eyes sparkle with wit and she is quick with clever and often astute remarks whenever her opinion is sought.

History: Charlotta is a wine merchant from Speyer in the Rhineland, and accompanied a shipment of wine to Belgrade, where she was doing a brisk business selling wine to the soldiers. She did send some money back to her family’s firm, fortunately, because shortly before the siege was lifted her shop was looted by unruly men in the company of Father John of Capistrano. Disgusted with the frontier, she is eager to make her way back home, though she has an eye for wine country and for money making opportunities which may present themselves on her journey.

Language: Charlotta speaks Rhenish German and Latin with great skill, and speaks High German at a basic level.

Private Bio: Charlotta is in something of a bind due to the looting of her wine-shop in Belgrade. She sent some money back to Speyer but not enough to cover all her lost inventory, so she needs to make up about 10 gulden or she will end up in debt. She was a bit rattled by the general sense of dread and doom on the frontier with the Turks, so she seeks money-making opportunities closer to home, such as a German prelate or a town ready to import some wine. Charlotta is very good at negotiation and has a good head for business. She has dabbled in the arcane arts as well, and carries an active talisman.

Fighting Strategy: Charlotta does not really consider herself a warrior, but she is a good shot, having competed in the Shutzenfest in a few towns in the Rhineland and in Flanders. Her crossbow is her most effective weapon, even though it’s just a hunting crossbow and not one of the lethal half-ton arbalests, she shoots with precision particularly at shorter range (if within 45’ she gets +2 damage) and she will aim (using 1 MP) to get +4 To Hit and use support where possible to gain a Free Dice. When shooting she will typically make a two-die attack, retaining 1 MP for Active Defense and using cover where available (each 25% of cover grants another Free Dice on Active Defense). Against heavily armored targets she will use her bodkin bolts which are +2 AP. She wears a light mail shirt under her clothing for protection. If she must fight at close range, she will use her walking staff to fight defensively, using her Abzug MF (which grants a Free Dice on Defense when exiting melee range) and Sidestep (5’ step as an AoO, if MP are available) to avoid grapple. If circumstances dictate she can switch to her stiletto dagger which is more effective at close range and can punch through armor (D4+2 damage, +4 AP)

Magic: Charlotta is a 1st Level Witch, and carries a Talisman of Luna (+1 Init and Def, +2 Saves above what is on her character sheet, +2 Saves vs drowning and on Swim Checks). She knows the spells Blauwarte, Baldur’s friends, and Hecate’s Talon. Well aware these spells are illegal, she keeps her arcane knowledge secret.

Special: Burgher Citizenship, Hausmacht, Researcher, Free Pronouncement