Kunes Urbankova

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Kunes Urbankova        Age: 26              Origin: Bohemia                                          Estate: Aristocrat

Appearance: Burly and fit, but plain of features. He wears expensive clothes and some gold jewelry.

Arms and armor: He carries a large two-handed sword and wears a gothic harness. He also has expensive and well cut civilian attire.

Personality: He is somewhat loud and always has a plan of action. He does not take well to insults and is quick to shut down disrespect. He can be a bit overbearing. Though Czech, he dislikes Hussites and bristles at any accusation of being one himself.

History: He fought in the Black Army as a great-swordsman, typically with the Forlorn Hope, and was involved in action twice against Ottoman Janissaries, during which his courage was noted. Ironically, his resulting promotion to feldweibel cost him dearly. He was stationed on one of the towers in Belgrade on the last day of the siege so he missed out on the final battle and looting, much to his chagrin.  Like Jan de Kriek, Kunes often has elaborate plans ready for various situations that come up, but is usually overruled by the older members of the group as being too bold. He and Jan sometimes argue and have had a few heated exchanges over strategy. It doesn’t help that they barely understand each other.

Language: He speaks Czech well and Latin somewhat poorly, a smattering of German.

Private Bio: Kunes has matured as a warrior, conquered fear and learned to fight very well as a swordsman. As a noble however, he knows it’s not proper to fight among the infantry, even in the elite forlorn hope. His goal is to buy a horse and spend some time mastering the secrets of Chivalry and horsemanship, so that he can eventually become a knight. Warhorses of course, are very expensive.

Fighting Strategy: Kunes carries a big two-handed sword, a montante, and he’s a strong, agile guy. He can be very intimidating with his sword and often wins initiative due to its reach. Kunes does not scare easily and his fearlessness is also intimidating to opponents. He has +8 Intimidate Skill bonus which he can use to inspire fear in others. With his Tactical Movement MF (Change Onset to Melee as a Free Action) and Mobility Feat (Free MP for movement only) he can easily stay at his ideal range of Onset, and is skilled in avoiding being encircled when facing multiple opponents. But against a single opponent, sometimes he allows people to approach closer where he uses his Half sword MF to fight with his giant sword up close. In addition to his sword, Kunes carries a hurlbat which he can fling at his enemy before closing to melee range. While fighting with the sword he will use his Counterstroke MF, and is someone closes to grapple he can use his Kampfringen MF to execute either a Defensive Throw or his preference, a Crippling Throw. Against a heavily armored opponent he will grapple and use his roundel dagger which has +4 AP. With his montante sword, Kunes can kill most opponents in 2-3 cuts, not counting armor or critical hits.

Special: Hausmacht, Rank Hath it’s Privileges, Scrounging