Jan de Kriek

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Jan de Kriek                   Age: 26              Origin: Bruges, Flanders                          Estate: Burgher

Appearance: Tall and slim, but well favored and possessed of a wiry strength. He is dressed plainly but with a certain flair, his complexion is somewhat ruddy.

Arms and armor: Jan carries a Kolf, a small firearm. He also wears a bastard sword and a bauernwehr knife on his hip. His armor consists of a cheap coat of plates and seems somewhat cobbled together.

Personality: Jan is talkative and likes to argue, though seldom with malice. He enjoys baiting Gerd though the two get along well, and also banters quite a bit with Gerard van Delft, carrying on long arguments in Flemish. Jan tends to have enthusiastic plans for most of the more challenging situations that come up on the road but he is usually overruled by the older men in the group.

History: Jan is a journeyman cutler from Bruges, and he loves the craft of making swords and knives and every type of blade, as well as fencing and martial arts. He’s glad to explain these subjects to anyone who will listen. He arrived toward the end of the siege and was stationed on the wall as a gunner so he missed the final battle, and the looting. He also didn’t get paid for his work so once the plague broke out he decided reluctantly to head back to Flanders empty handed, though he’s keen to find new opportunities on the way home if any present themselves.

Language: He speaks Flemish very well and enough Low German to get by.                                                                                                              

Private Bio: Jan is near destitute, what little money he made in the Black Army was spent on the long trip to Krakow, so he is desperate to earn some cash as fast as possible. Ideally he’d like to make enough to get into the guild back in Bruges, but for now, lunch and a room at the inn.

Fighting Strategy: Gerd’s main weapon is his Kolf, a handgun similar to a sawed off shotgun. It doesn’t have a very long range though and it takes a long time to reload, so his normal strategy is to close with the enemy, shoot his intended opponent before entering melee, and then finish them off with his sword. He is a good fencer especially in the offense. However, he will usually fight cautiously, and typically attack with 1 Die, defending with 2. If he gets a Bind (tie roll) or a Natural 20 on his Defense dice, he can use his Schnappen MF, and take half of the attacker’s dice and use it for his own immediate counterattack.

Special: Free Pronouncement, Militia, Provisional Citizenship, Researcher