Simon Ghisolfi

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Simon Ghisolfi               Age: 29              Origin: Genoa                                            Estate: Patrician

Appearance: Tall, thin, with a proud posture and a serious expression, with medium length, curly brown hair. Simon is elegantly but not flamboyantly dressed with a blue coat over a silk tunic, and a fashionable black hat.

Arms and Armor: Simons blue coat appears to incorporate mail. He carries a Turkish style recurve bow, and wears a thrusting sword and a dagger as sidearms.

Personality: Simon is fairly affable and talkative, and can be quite witty, but always has a serious edge. He does not suffer a fool and is quick to point out errors in people’s comments. During the trip from Krakow he was one of the group’s leaders. Though self-disciplined and not prone to showing emotion, Simon has a touch of paranoia, particularly when it comes to the subject of the Ottomans and of Venice, who he blames for the fall of Constantinople. He sees them behind many if not all misfortunes, and can become animated when describing their villainy. He is somewhat wary of Enndres due to the latter’s connections with Venice.

History: Simon is from a prominent Genoese family (the Ghisolfi) and is of the Jewish faith, though he is not actively religious (but he does adhere to dietary restrictions). His uncle is an important leader in the Genoese community in the Crimea, where Simon spent most of his adult life. After the fall of Constantinople and the near-miss

Language: Simon speaks Hebrew, Latin, and Genoese- Italian all at expert level, as well as 3 other Italian dialects and the Mediterranean trade language, Sabir

Private Bio: Simon is on a serious mission on behalf of his family, the Ghisolfi, who own many estates in Crimea. Now that the Ottomans have taken Constantinople, it’s only a matter of time before they look north. His family want to determine if help in the form of a new Crusade is likely, and if not, they seek a way out. In Krakow Simon met with representatives of the Polish King. His plan is to travel to Brandenburg to meet with Albrecht Achilles, then to Nuremberg, to meet with the leaders of the Jewish communities there to assess conditions in town, before possibly heading into Bohemia to seeking an audience with George of Poedeibrady in Prague. Along the way he is taking notes on the lands they are passing through, Silesia was thought of as a possible place to settle, but the Pogroms instigated by Fra John of Capistrano in Breslau changed his mind. The long trip to Krakow has drained his purse. Simon has access to a family account from the Bank of St George, which has an outpost in Nuremberg, from which he can withdraw up to 15 gulden for expenses. Until he gets there he is low on ready cash. Simon is trained in the Law and can use legal arguments to get his way when he needs to, and can also write legal documents and letters.

Fighting Strategy: Simon wields the thrusting sword and dagger of a scholar, with considerable skill. His Main Gauche MF allows him to combine defense of his dagger and sword together, giving him an excellent Defensive bonus. He will usually let the opponent attack first, using one or two dice on Defense. If he defends and his opponent rolls low, he will use his Absetzen MF to immediately counterattack against any cut with a thrust vs. their original die roll. His best weapon however is his Turkish-style Recurve bow, with which he can shoot two arrows per round. Inside 75 feet range it has +2 AP and does 1-6+2 damage.

Special: Burgher citizenship (Genoa, Caffa), Hasumacht, Researcher, Rhetoric