Hanno Geismar

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Hanno Geismar            Age: 30              Origin: Zurich, Swiss Confederation Estate: Bauer

Appearance: Small of stature, handsome features. Reddish hair and grey eyes.

Arms and armor: He carries a halberd, and a crossbow (previously on his saddle, now with a sling for wearing on the back), with a dagger on his hip. He appears to be wearing textile armor and wears an iron kettlehat.

Personality: He is careful and thorough in his action, seldom resorting to half measures and typically energetic. Hanno is very intense, and prone to dry, witty remarks.

History: Hanno was a silver miner in Switzerland, and worked for Janos Hunyadi as a sapper. He served with Johannes Grant, with whom he often converses indirectly, by making Gerard van Delft act as a translator in Latin. He asks many detailed questions about the architecture of Constantinople, which he has never himself seen, though he continues to insist that Zurich is a greater city than any in the east. Hanno has great knowledge of mining, of the bones of the country, and understands engineering and architecture.

Language: Speaks Alemannic German and High German

Private Bio: Hanno was wisely able to send some money home before the end of the siege, so his main goal is to get back to Zurich where he plans to buy citizenship. He is on the lookout for opportunities though, and is tempted to make the trek into Bohemia to go see the fabulous Kutna Hora silver mine. He was hoping to stay longer in Krakow so he could visit the Wieliczka salt mine there. His main problem though is that he just about out of money, having prudently sent his pay home through the Bank of St. George. He barely has enough for living expenses on his trip, which took longer than he expected, and is now practically destitute. He’s on the lookout for ways to make some quick cash.

Fighting Strategy: Hanno is a little guy and not very strong, but he knows how to fight with a halberd in the Swiss style. With his Half Staff and Poll Axe fighting MFs he can continue to fight with his halberd at all ranges, though he is most effective fighting at Onset range. In a fight keep in mind his Feint MF which he can use with his high Cha bonus to draw off enemy MP, thus sometimes preventing counterattacks etc. Another strategy is to Feint before attacking for real, and draw away his opponents last MP so they have to rely on their Passive Defense. This makes it easier for him to do a much more damaging Bypass attack if his opponent is wearing armor. His halberd also has +3 AP making it a good weapon against armored opponents, and can be used to making grappling attacks. He carries a stirrup crossbow, which though not as powerful as an arbalest, by using his goats foot spanner he can span it in short order, managing two shots per round if he wants to. It is somewhat limited in effective range, it’s mostly effective inside 90’. The Crossbow also has +3 AP. With his Halberd Hanno can kill most opponents with 3-6 hits, not counting armor or critical hits.

Special: Local Cunning, Go to Ground, Animal Affinity, Provisional Citizenship (Zurich)