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Ok so first session done and dusted.

I’m playing with 4 PCs who are fairly experienced with RPGs and two of them know 3.5 a bit. I ran the game over roll20, if you want access to my roll20 server where I prepped things just tell me. Might make things a bit easier and I’ll be adding the materials I missed in the previous session to the roll20. Hopefully by the end I’ll have a full roll20 version of the campaign book.

It went really well and the guys jumped into it. They were a bit confused what languages could be used at what time. They also decided to get themselves hired as bodyguards for a merchant caravan which I went along with as it was a really logical idea. With some good rolling they got hired. They were really good about gathering info and following their backgrounds. I think the background really helped them spread out.

I tried to get one of the PCs into a fight in the marketplace but they just moved. I solved it by having one of the mercs in the tavern knew them from Hungary and had a beef with them. One of the players immediately filled in that it was over a card game.

One of the players tried to bluff their way into taking over the duel as they also had a longsword (I used the halberdier NPC as the antagonist).

Takeaways for me.
– Give prices in Gulden and Kreuzers
– Prep your antagonist profile and write down their feats in a separate document
– Have your players make up a document compiling all their feats that they can add to their character sheet.
– Give the players moments to ask them what they want to do

We will be uploading our recording of the session soon so you can watch the session.

If you want to use the roll20 tell me