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Second Playtest done. I wanted to get things a bit more solid before i moved on.
Two players couldn’t make it.

The party got along the road to the Inn. I gave the players some chance to entertain themselves on the road. Nils went and hunted a deer. I’m coming to terms with the plethora of skills on the sheets. I have them create a narrative and roll for every skill the narrative uses and if any of them is over 20 with modifiers it gives them a extra dice on the next roll.

Nils first hunted a duck because he couldn’t find a deer. Then he tried again and left a sacrifice for the fairies with the duck blood and he saw a deer. He doesn’t manage to sneak up on it silently, but gets a shot off as it makes a break for it. He rolled a 20 and hit for 16 damage. The deer was a small one so only had 10 hitpoints. I gave Nils a point of exhaustion for catching up to the party carrying a deer.

They came upon the Inn where some peasants were having a wedding and there was a wrestling contest, at first Nils couldn’t be convinced to join. He tried to swindle the groom into buying the deer as potion to increase his virility. This attempt fell flat on it’s face. Johann in the meantime was getting the wrestlers even more drunk. Nils was eventually convinced to wrest and won the contest. Not hundred percent sure we did all the wrestling right but it worked.

After that I had them to watch duty on Lothar’s cart where they got attacked by Silesian bandits. The macros worked a treat. I think I’m still not great on how initiative interacts with multiple players and spears. Reach bonus should affect initiative in combat but what about multiple fighters and when they aren’t in fight range yet?

The bandits threw a javelin and wounded Hans. Johann then blew is head off. The fight went pretty quickly especially as the Bandits don’t have any feats on foot. NPC feats are tricky to remember for me. I think it’ll come with time though.

Overall a fun game and getting into the swing of things.