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Third session in the bag.

Players found the mudslide and fully examined it, they found signs of gunpowder. At the ferry i inserted a Father Superior who had confiscated some occult items, the players had fun roleplaying in order to steal the magic items. Johann was pretty direct about it and it was only through good diplomacy roles that an incident was prevented. The players generally showed pretty good tactical sense throughout the entire section. I used Lothar being upset about the raucous on the ferry in order to give him reason to send them ahead to scout the road without their mounts. The fight resulted in the mounted crossbowman getting thrown. I applied the following metric. If the horse got injured the rider needs to apply a riding check, result of 15+ horse is ok, 10-15 they lose one MP dice keeping it under control, 5-10 3 mp dice, 1-5 they are thrown. The crossbowman took two hits from the PCs and was pretty much out of the picture. The Lancer charged and was parried. Then two players shanked him with knives and he got taken out pretty quickly. For future I would suggest giving characters moving at a canter 2 free active defence dice and galloping characters 3 passive MP dice. The players are starting to enjoy the system. I find it odd how hard the concept of dice pools for attacks and defenses can be to grasp for players.