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Hans Hellinger

Well, I’m going to answer this with two different hats on.

First, with the hat of a purveyor of games to the general public, I’m sorry y’all had trouble with the platendeinst and the Kuhmaul shoes. As I said I think I need to go through and purge out a bunch more foreign words. Part of the reason they are in there is that I made a very useful (for me) computer program which allows me to generate characters and equipment lists, but the database is all historical stuff with historical names. I need to go through and put in generic / modern / Americanized names in there for everything but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. At this point it’s easier to just correct the stuff after it comes out, kind of like with removing the 3.5 bits.

Obviously if y’all are struggling with that, and you aren’t the only group who has brought this up, I’ll need to simplify the language somewhat.

I also think I’m going to make another pass through the skills on the PCs and remove about half of them, that should make it easier to find the ones you are looking for. And I’m going to remove about half of the minor equipment too so people don’t think they need a cart.

With my other hat on, lets call it the fencing mask of Lenny’s friend who knows all the guys in your group (pretty much) – I’d have to say, come on lads you can use a bit of common sense (rule zero for Codex). I don’t know precisely how long a quart of pickles will last you either off the top of my head. That is in there because at some point, somewhere, I ran across a price list from some medieval source which mentioned the cost of a quart of pickles.

If pressed (and I am) I would figure it out the same way you can. I know all of you guys have been grocery shopping before. I know you have all prepared dinner for yourselves. Presumably most if not all of you have been camping. My guess if you had a big jar of pickles the size of a quart jug of milk, it would be enough to live on for two or three days at least (though I bet you’d be sick of pickles) and it might ward off starvation for one person for say, a week?

I think when I was making all those PC’s I gave them enough food to last 2 or 3 days, like some bread or a small wheel of cheese or something. Or a quart of pickles. So when you are looking a list of stuff in a marketplace, just pretend you are about to go a long multi-day hike which might involve some camping and try to imagine what you might want to bring with you, given the fact that you have to carry it (assuming you might lose the cart at some point).

Also, I don’t think y’all need a cart. There is a guy in the Irish group who definitely does, but I don’t think y’all do yet.