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    Nice! It works and is a fun read!
    I’d suggest footnoting the brother Reynard the fox so people know this a spell. It might also be good to add in asides as to alternative options for the player to showcase the choices the players have in the game. Relevant choice is something the codec dies really well and many systems struggle with.
    Footnote 20 is missing which spell she uses.
    Prose wise I might cut short the preamble about the fishing, it’s good writing but slows down the entry into play a bit maybe.
    I would suggest adding either the footnotes or the asides about choice as colored text boxes in line with the rest of the prose

    Hans Hellinger

    Thanks Jack. We will make those corrections and look into other options from the footnotes. They do have a potentially useful behavior in the PDF in that you can click on the footnote and then click back to the text. Did you notice that?

    I’d thought about putting them in-line but it’s a matter of space. We’ll try a few different things though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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