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    Hans Hellinger

    “Janos Hunyadi and Jan Giskra are again at loggerheads. Hunyadi
    is suspected of having tried to kill Giskra while he was attending
    the wedding of the latter’s widowed sister. After this, Giskra
    occupies the monastery at Luzeniec and pronounces Hunyadi his
    enemy. Hunyadi then invests Luzeniec town which is protected
    neither by Nature nor by artificial defenses; but the fort there is defended by 500 brave and resolute men, who repulse all
    assaults. Hunyadi surrounds the fort with a double ditch, fenced
    and reinforced with baskets of earth, and expects it to surrender.

    The defenders, many of whom are Poles and Czechs, though
    short of water and provisions, are afraid that if they surrender
    they will lose eye, nose, face or hands, and so they fight on.
    In the meantime, Giskra has assembled a scratch force of some
    4,000 foot and horse obtained from outside, and advances
    against Hunyadi’s army, reputed to number some 17,000.
    Hunyadi is ready to do battle and issues from behind his rampart,
    leaving only a handful to guard the camp and the waggons, and
    small force to see that the besieged do not make a sortie. But this is just what the desperate besieged do and attack their besiegers.

    Hunyadi sends the latter reinforcements, but when the besiegers
    see them, they think they are fleeing, not coming to their
    assistance, and so themselves take to their heels; whereupon the
    rest of Hunyadi’s troops follow their example. Giskra’s men
    become exhausted with killing and taking prisoners, one of whom
    is the Bishop of Eger. Hunyadi’s camp is given to the troops to
    loot, Hunyadi himself escapes.”

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