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    Hans Hellinger

    People seemed to like the tavern in Riga so I’m going to cover a series of real medieval taverns, pubs, and inns.
    The first one will be the Zur Höll, which features in our micro adventure “Robbery at the Zur Höll” which is in the Players Guide, and also features as the ‘prequel’ for the Devil’s Pass.
    The real Zur Höll is a 1,000 year old pub in the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, in Franconia. This little town is a very interesting subject in it’s own right, but we’ll skip that for now. If you want to read a bit more about it you can check out the Wiki for now

    The town is very old, with many buildings dating back to the 15th Century and earlier, and the pub is alleged to be the oldest building in the town (this seems to happen with some of these old taverns). The owners claim it is 1,000 years old. Here are three photos of it stuck together, in the morning, evening, and night respectively.

    Naturally it’s a lot more evocative at night. Note the tables out front – this would be typical in Germany in the Summer and Spring months, even back in the middle ages. The Germans like to drink in the garden when the weather is nice.

    The name of the place translates to “To Hell” and their coat of arms is a devil. This is fairly typical of the medieval sense of humor and would not be unusual in the 15th Century.

    Even though it’s lit by candlelight, that doesn’t mean that it’s gloomy inside. By the late medieval period windows were fairly common in a wealthy town like Rothenburg, so during the day you’ll have plenty of sunlight inside. Of course, there is a suitably evocative cellar room where you can plan out your next adventure.

    Traditional German food is another thing which hasn’t necessarily changed that much in a long time, so some of it would be recognizable
    here is a little review of the restaurant, to further whet your appetite:

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