Scottish ‘cop’ in 15th C Bologna?

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    Hans Hellinger

    This is really interesting

    Excerpt: “In the year 1404, the records of the Italian city of Bologna noted that one of its police officers was “Pierus Johannis de Schocia” – meaning that he was from Scotland. This might seem strange on its own, but when we look further into these records we find that many of his fellow policemen were from Germany, the Low Countries, England, even Africa and Greece. In fact, the records from the fifteenth century show that most, and sometimes nearly all of the men working as policemen in Bologna were not even Italians. How can this be, and what does it say about both medieval policing and the movement of people in the Middle Ages? ”

    Why Was a Scotsman Working as a ‘Cop’ in 15th-century Bologna?

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