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    Jean Chandler

    So here is another sample fight. It’s three months after the first fight. Both of those same guys, Bob and Dave, have now made up and are friends, or at least… “associates”. They are drinking in a rural tavern when a stranger shows up wearing expensive clothes, with a tell tale jingle coming from his purse. Bob and Dave are both broke and in pressing need of cash. After a quick discussion they decide to rob the stranger the next time he goes outside to relieve his bladder. He has overhead them though, so he follows them outside, and draws his rapier…

    Italian rapier dude has a rapier and a +10 Reach bonus, so he gains a Free Dice on initiative. Everyone rolls:

    Italian rapier dude rolls 12 and 15+6=21. Bob rolls 13+3=16, Dave rolls 10+5 =15. Italian Rapier Dude, or IRD for short, wins initiative.

    IRD wastes no time, and attacks Dave with a 1 die rapier thrust, using his Lunge MF (Free Dice for an attack at Onset range). Dave, who hasn’t drawn his dagger yet, defends with two dice.

    IRD is bypassing armor so he gets a -3. He rolls 7 and 15+10=25. -3=22. Dave rolls 14 and 6, keeping the 14. +6=20. Good roll but not enough, he is hit.
    Damage is D6 + another D6 for “Artful Strike”. IRD rolls 5 +1=6, and 1, for 7 damage.

    IRD expends 1 MP to move back to Onset again, then makes a second thrust at Dave, with 1 die, no Bypass. He can’t use Lunge a second time because it’s only once per round. Dave defends with 1 MP. IRD rolls 4+10=14, Dave rolls 6+6=12. IRD hits again. This time damage is 4+1=5. Dave’s armor absorbs 5, -1 for the AP so 4. He takes 1 more point of damage. A minor wound.

    IRD elects to hold his remaining 2 MP in reserve, so it is now Bob’s turn.
    Bob draws his stiletto, (1 MP) and then attacks IRD with a 2 MP attack. IRD uses his “Distance Fighting” MF to gain a Free Dice in defense. Bob rolls an 8 and a 17+6=23, IRD rolls a 7 and a 9+11 (he has enhanced defense thanks to his “Main Gauche” MF) =20. IRD is stabbed, and it’s an artful strike. Bob rolls 2+2=4+6 for 10 damage. But! Instead of a satisfying sound of meat being punctured, he hears a clink.

    IRD is wearing a fine coat of mail under his clothing, which absorbs 7 damage. But the stiletto is good against armor gaining +4 AP, so the mail absorbs 3 damage instead. IRD takes 7.
    Bob, now at melee range, elects to make a 1 die attack. IRD defends with two die (1 plus a Free Dice for Distance Fighting). Bob rolls 15+10=25, IRD rolls 14 and 16+11=27. He fends off the strike with his parrying dagger.

    It’s now Dave’s turn, and he uses his last remaining MP to draw his cinquedea dagger

    Round 2

    IRD, seeing he is in some real danger, decides to try to finish off Dave. He is back at Onset due to using his Distance Fighting to back away, so he thrusts with another Lunge, with 1 MP plus 1 Free Dice, and Bypassing Dave’s armor. Dave defends with 2 MP. IRD rolls 5 and 19+10=29, -3 for Bypass for 26. Dave rolls 13 and 17+6=23. IRD hits with another thrust, and it’s Artful Strike. Damage is 4+1=5+3=8. Dave has taken 17 damage now.

    IRD decides to make one more thrust with a single MP, again attempting Bypass, but this time at Bob. Bob defends with 1 MP. IRD rolls a 20, Bob rolls a 9.

    20 means a Critical Hit. This is one extra Die of damage per die expended, so in this case just 1 Die. Damage is 5+1=6+6=12.

    But! Smelling blood, IRD decides to use “Twist the Blade” and throw in two additional die for damage, rolling 2 and 8 for 10 more damage. Bob has taken 22 damage.

    Now IRD is out of MP

    Bob has 3 MP left and he elects to attempt to enter Grapple with IRD. He has Ringen MF which gives him a Free Dice to enter Grapple. He spends 1 die on the attempt. Normally IRD would get an “Opportunity Attack” but he’s out of MP so Bob just has to be at his passive defense of 14.

    Bob rolls 2 and 2+5=7. Miss!

    He tries again with 1 more MP, again gaining the Free Dice. 1 and 18. He’s in Grapple with IRD. He now attempts to throw IRD with his last MP. He rolls 18+5=23, IRD is thrown down.

    Seeing IRD down on the ground, Dave who has 1 MP, attempts to stab him. He gains a Free Dice because IRD is prone. Rolls 9 and 13+8=21. Hit! And Artful Strike. He too encounters the armor though which he wasn’t aware of. Damage is 8+1=9+5=14. Armor absorbs 7. IRD has taken 14 Damage, and is in big trouble!

    Round 3

    IRD elects to stand up (costing 1 MP), but this gives Bob an OA. Bob attacks with 2 MP, IRD defends with 1. Bob rolls 13 and 13+10 (speed bonus)=23. IRD rolls 16 +9 (now defending only with his dagger)=25. He evades Bob’s thrust. But they are still also in Grapple.
    Since they are at Grapple range where his rapier is ineffective, IRD elects to stab Bob with his dagger, bypassing armor, using 1 MP. Bob Defends with 1. IRD rolls 9+9=18, Bob rolls 19+4=23. Miss!

    IRD stabs again with 1 MP. Bob Defends with 1 MP again. IRD rolls 6+9=15, Bob rolls 16+4=20.

    Miss again!

    Bob and IRD are both out of MP. Dave, hoping to end the fight, makes a desperate thrust with all 3 of his dice. He knows IRD has armor now so he bypasses it, and attempts a cut. He rolls 14, 16 and 19+8=27. -7 for Bypass is 20. Hit and Artful Strike. Damage is D8+D10 for Artful Strike (Cut). 6+1=7+9=16.

    IRD has now taken 30 damage and is dead.

    Just for fun I’ll roll on the “Catastrophic Wound Table” for Cut / Slash, and we get: Severed Lower Arm.

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