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    Jean Chandler

    Ok our two dagger guys, having successfully robbed a Venetian courier, have bought some new gear (one now has an axe, the other a cut-thrust sword respectively) and they both bought helmets. Having spent the rest of their money in the brothel and the tavern, they are now stalking the roads looking for a new victim.

    They find their potential victim in the form of a young Furrier, Marxbruder mit Messer, or MMM for short. MMM carries a Kriegsmesser and knows how to use it. He is also fairly streetwise and notices to men following him. Being a no-nonsense kinda guy, he turns to face them, and seeing as they are armed and look like they are planning trouble, he wastes no time getting into action.

    MMM has +10 Reach bonus with his Kriegsmesser, so he gets a free dice on Initiative.

    MMM rolls a 13 and a 2, keeps the 13+6=19. Bob rolls a 2+3=5, Dave rolls a 20+5=25. Dave has initiative.

    *** ROUND ONE ***
    Dave approaches MMM (costing 1 MP for movement) and makes a cautious 1 MP attack. MMM defends with his Kriegsmesser with 1 MP.
    Dave rolls 2+6=8, MMM rolls 19+10=29. Defense is successful.

    Since Dave rolled so low, MMM elects to use his Absezten skill and throws in a counterattack die, thrusting at Dave and attempting a Bypass. Dave has to use his last attack die roll (2 modified to 8) as defense. He has more armor now so Bypass is -4.

    MMM rolls a 4+9=13-4=9. A bad roll, a clumsy Absetzen! But Dave’s previous attack was even clumsier (a 8) and this is still a Hit!
    Damage with the Kriegsmesser is D12+2. MMM rolls 11+2=13. A painful rebuke for Dave!

    Dave elects to save his remaining MP for defense.

    MMM now attacks Dave again with 1 die, bypassing his armor, but this time with a Slice. Dave defends with 1 MP. MMM rolls 4+9=13 (-4=9). Dave rolls 18+9=27. Easily parries the blow!

    MMM elects to keep his last MP in reserve.

    Bob now moves up (costing 1 MP) and decides to try to enter grapple. He makes a 1 MP touch attack to initiate the grapple, gaining a Free Dice for his Ringen MF.
    MMM also has Ringen, but on top of that he has the Kampfringen MF. He’s going to use this MF to attempt a ‘Defensive Throw’. Both roll two MP.

    MMM rolls 1 and 12+6=18, Bob rolls 6 and 11+3=14. MMM throws Bob. Bob takes d4 damage and is prone, and five feet away. Bob takes 2 damage.
    *** ROUND TWO ***
    Dave now attacks with his cut thrust sword, attempting a bypass, with a 2 MP attack. MMM defends using his Kriegsmesser with 1 MP. Dave rolls 4 and 19+6=25, MMM rolls 15+10=25. This is a Bind! In this case both weapons are potentially damaged. MMM rolls 10+2=12 damage with his Kriegsmesser. Dave rolls 5+1=6 with his Cut-Thrust sword. Cut thrust sword has a hardness of 11, so it takes 1 damage, it has 2 HP left. Messer takes no damage.

    Since they are in a bind, Dave elects to use his Gioco Stretto with 1 MP and try to seize MMM’s Kriegsmesser, gaining a Free Dice. MMM uses 1 MP to resist plus his Ringen MF grants a Free Dice.

    Dave rolls 7 and 15+5=20, MMM rolls 2 and 17+6=23. The attempt fails. Dave is now out of MP.

    MMM decides to try to finish off Dave before Bob gets back up. He makes a 1 MP Slice attack, bypassing armor. Dave has used all his MP so his Passive Defense of 13 is all he gets.

    MMM rolls 6+9(speed bonus)=15,-4 for Bypass, is still a miss.

    MMM makes a second attack, another Slice with Bypass. 18+9=27, -4 for the Bypass, 23. Hit! and Artful Strike. Damage is D12+2 plus another D12. Rolls 6+2=8 and 9. Dave takes 17 damage. This is on top of the 13 he already took, so he’s now taken 30. He’s dead.

    For fun I’ll roll on the Catastrophic damage table for Cut / Slice. We roll an 11, another “Severed Lower Arm”. Dave reached out to grab the Kriegsmesser and got his arm cut off.

    Bob uses one MP to get up. MMM has no MP left so no OA.

    Bob, furious at the death of his friend, makes a two dice chopping attack with his axe. He rolls 13 and 17+9 (Reach bonus)=26. MMM’s passive defense is 14 so this is a Hit and and Artful Strike. But MMM has pretty good armor.

    Bob does D10+2 plus another D10 for Artful Strike (Chop): 9+2=11+7=18. However against a Chop MMM’s Brigandine doublet and Sallet helmet absorb 14, so he takes 4 damage.

    Bob still has 1 MP left so he cuts with 1 die, and this time attempts a Bypass. He rolls an 18+6 (Speed bonus as he’s now at Melee range) = 24. Another good hit! And an artful strike. He rolls 3+2=5 and 3, for 8 damage. MMM has now taken 12 damage.
    *** ROUND THREE ***
    MMM is now ahead on initiative and he makes a three MP Meisterhau Chopping attack against Bob, bypassing armor. Bob elects to defend with two MP.
    MMM rolls 7, 7, and 15+9=24, -4 for for bypass =20. Bob rolls 13 and 14+5=19. Just missed his parry, and Bob has been hit! with a chop and it’s an Artful Strike.

    Damage is D12+2 + D10. He rolls 12+2=14 and a 4, for 18 damage. Bob already lost 2 from the defensive throw so he’s taken 20.

    MMM decides to wait and hold his last MP for now.

    Bob decides to make a 2 MP chop attack, bypassing armor. Due to the previous Meisterhau he has to beat MMM’s previous roll of 24. Bob rolls 3 and 19. 19+6=25, -7 for Bypassing all of MMM’s armor=18 so it’s a miss.

    Bob is now out of MP, so MMM decides to go back into action, using his last MP to make a bypass Slice attack against Bob.

    Rolls a 5+9=14, -4=10. Miss.

    *** ROUND FOUR ***
    Deciding it’s time to “Finish Him”, MMM makes a four MP Meisterhau attack against Bob. Bob is nervous and defends also with four dice.

    MMM rolls 4, 6, 16, and 18 +9=27-4=23
    Bob rolls 6, 12, 17, and 18+5=23

    Another Bind!

    Both weapons potentially damaged. MMM rolls 7+2=9, Bob rolls 8+2=10. Hardness of Kreigsmesser is 10, hardness of Axe is 7 with 5 HP. Axe takes 2 damage.

    Both guys are out of MP so that’s it

    *** ROUND 5 ***

    MMM does a two MP Slice, bypassing. Bob elects to defend with 2 MP.
    MMM rolls 6 and 9, Bob rolls 7 and 19. Parried!

    MMM makes a second two MP Slice, as a Meisterhau. Hoping to attack back, Bob takes a risk and defends with 1MP

    MMM rolls 15 and 19+9=28-4 (Bypass)=24. Bob rolls 15+5=20. He is Hit. And it’s an Artful Strike.

    MMM rolls 7+2=9 and 9 for damage. Bob takes 18 damage. Bob is DEAD.

    Chart says: Sliced Face! Half of Bob’s face is sliced open, exposing his upper mandible with teeth flying everywhere.

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