Codex superno brings magic to martialis

In 2008 we put the sword of the Renaissance fencing master into the hands of desktop RPG gamers. Today, we put the grimoire of the Renaissance magus in your hand.

Codex Superno is an historically based sourcebook for magic, including Cantrips,  spells, talismans, amulets, alchemy, herbal medicine and automata. It also outlines a spell failure system, and delves into the diverse threads of the historical and literary roots of esoteric practices in medieval Europe. Codex Superno is derived directly from medieval and Classical grimoires and other literary sources from the medieval and Early Modern period. It includes a list of historical practitioners and a bibliography of real magical grimoires and treatises. This is not the cartoonish magic you are used to from most RPGs, but something far more chilling, deeper rooted in our culture, and more evocative of danger and liminal spaces.

Codex Superno is available now!