The Codex Integrum Series: Martialis and More

Back in 2008 the Codex Martialis was released as a one off, a kind of experiment. The goal was to see if elements of historically based combat could make fighting more fun in RPGs. We liked it a lot, but it was up to the gamers all around the world to decide if the idea worked for them. Over time, we got the sense that this experiment was successful. We sold far more copies than we expected to, for far longer than we expected to do so, and we got a lot of nice reviews and friendly feedback.

But over the years we also got a lot of requests. Can you make a magic system? Can you make a character generation system for this? Can you make adventures set in a historical genre? Can you make 5E or Pathfinder compatible versions? Can you make this into a complete game and not just a combat system? Can you put out a free ‘quick start’ booklet for my friends to check out?

For a long time, circumstances prevented us from answering these questions, but today things have changed. Codex Integrum is the new home for a revamped and revised Codex Martialis, for the new magic system we call Codex Superno (to be released on Halloween, Oct 31 2020), for Codex Ingenium, the new Lifepath character Generation system, for Codex Adventum, the game setting / adventure series, and also for the “Codex Guide to” historical books.

It is also the new home for the Codex Forum, and will be the residence for many other new ideas which spring from the juncture of history, gaming, and martial arts. Stand by, because there is more to come!