Nils Polheim

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Nils Polheim                  Age: 28              Origin: Gotland, Sweden                           Estate: Bauer

Appearance: Tall, strong, agile, fit, fair. Dressed plainly in the Peasant fashion.

Arms and armor: Carries a boar spear, javelins, bauernwehr knife. Wears reinforced textile armor.

Personality: He is quiet, somewhat intense, and can be witty.

History: A hunter by trade, he worked as a Scout for Janos Hunyadi and then as a sutler. But he was cheated out of most of his earnings in a card game when he was very drunk.

Language: Speaks Swedish, Low German

Note: Nils is a rather fervent but self-disciplined fellow who chooses his words carefully and with precision. He has a knack for disappearing into the wilderness with practiced ease, and when the need came up on the road to Krakow, it was Nils more often than not who acquired game for the group. Around the campfire at night Nils sometimes entertained everyone with Norse folktales and stories of the ancient Aesir and Vanir. He claims to ‘feel’ the land they pass through, and to know the mood of the flora and fauna. He has a very well-trained dog, an alaunt (similar to a pit bull), with which he communicates by signs and quiet words. 

Private Bio: Nils is a bit weary of travel and never wants to see full scale war again. His main dilemma is financial, he needs a stake of money to buy a farm back home on Gotland where he has many friends among the rural folk and seafarers. He is a skilled hunter and knows the wilderness very well, and he appreciates all the land they travel through. Though not a true spellcaster, Nils carries an active Talisman and knows a few Cantrips.

Fighting Strategy: Nils carries javelins but mainly uses these for hunting, though they can be useful for harassing enemies. His main weapon is his large boar spear, which is both a hunting weapon and a weapon of war. This spear has excellent reach and often allows Nils to attack first in a close fight. He has several Feats he can use to his advantage, including Slip Thrust (act as reach weapon or Free Dice once per round at Onset range), he can use Counterstroke MF to attack during his opponents turn, Mobility allows him to change range (Free Dice for movement only) and stay at Onset where his spear works best. If he ends up in close combat he can still fight with the spear thanks to his Half Staff MF, but if needed he’ll use his Ringen MF (Free Dice) and fight with his Bauernwehr knife. Nils has a dog named Revna, who will fight cunningly in coordination with Nils. He worries about the dog and will order it to hang back if it’s too dangerous. See hunting dog stats in the Road to Monsterberg document for more.

Magic: He carries an active Talisman of Thor which grants +1 Str (not indicated on his sheet) and +2 Will Saves whenever it relates to protecting or staying true to his friends. He knows the Cantrips Calm Hound, Displace Weight, Douse Flame, Enhance Vision, and the Mark of the Hornet. He can memorize 2 Cantrips per day.

Special: Animal Affinity, Go to Ground, Local Cunning, Outlaw Band, Scrounging