Enndres Madder

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Enndres Madder          Age: 27              Origin: Nuremberg                                          Estate: Burgher

Appearance: Mid-stature, stocky, dark skin and hair, with good posture and an intense demeanor.

Arms and Armor: He wears a brigandine beneath his civilian clothes, gauntlets and a kettlehat while on the road, and is armed with a large glaive. He carries a kriegsmesser and a dagger for sidearms. In civilian attire he sometimes wears his artisan’s tabard and tunic emblazoned with the coat of arms of Nuremberg, with a black chaperon on his head.

Personality: Enndres is intense and very self-disciplined. He has the far off penetrating gaze often attributed to sailors, and is prone to long periods of silence, though when something attracts his interest he is quick to state his opinions, which tend to be firm.

History: Enndres does not hesitate to talk about his past. His father was a Moorish sailor who got into the service of a prominent Venetian merchant and converted to Christianity. His mother was a Venetian silk-thrower. When he was still very young his father’s patron came into conflict with the Council of Ten and was exiled from Venice, so he moved to Nuremberg where Enndres grew up and became a weaver. After his father died when he was just 19, Enndres felt the pull of the sea. He travelled north where he became a boatswain on a Hanseatic cog operating out of Rugen. After he made some money there, he returned to Nuremberg to set up shop as a weaver. But he wanted to marry and needed more money for a dowry, so he joined the Black Army of Janos Hunyadi where he was in charge of a patrol boat operating on the Danube. During the siege his boat was sunk by Ottoman cannon, and he lost a great deal of his personal wealth that he carried with him. Now he hopes to return to Nuremberg and earn his fortune more judiciously, by the practice of his craft.

Language: Enndres speaks High German as a native, as well as a smattering of Serbian and Magyar.

Private Bio: Enndres lost a lot of money in the Danube, and is determined to find a way to make it back. He considers himself a patriot of Nuremberg and has taken notes on all of his experiences to share with the town council when he gets back. His long term purpose is to become a cloth merchant in his home town. He needs a considerable sum of money to both get married and get started in business: 15-20 gulden at least. Enndres is also a serious devotee to the cult of St. Maurice, and he carries a medal to that Saint, which he carried on a voyage of pilgrimage as a youth. He knows such talismans can be activated and would very much like to have his magically consecrated. He believes St. Maurice will guide him toward prosperity and good fortune. The most likely route may be to go to sea again, maybe with the Hanse, or maybe with a privateer of the Prussian Confederation. This means he may head north.

Fighting Strategy: Enndres is a formidable fighter. He carries a glaive, a large polearm with a brutal cutting blade. The glaive has excellent reach, helping Enndres win initiative. It also causes devastating damage. Enndres can kill most people in 2-3 hits. The glaive is most effective at long range, and if he is being crowded Enndres will use his Abzug MF to back away (Free Dice when exiting combat range)

Special: Free Pronouncement, Militia, Provisional Citizenship, Sea Legs.