Kalina Krol

Character Sheets: Road to Monsterberg Ch1, Road to Monsterberg Ch2

Kalina Krol                     Age: 33              Origin: Prussia, Poland               Estate: Patrician

Appearance: Kalina is slim and tall, with intense grey eyes and long dark hair. She is well dressed with a certain elegance, and sometimes wears some noticeable jewelry including a few talismans. Other times she puts away her weapons and her jewelry to wear her beguine’s habit which is similar to a nun’s habit.

Arms and armor: Kalina has a sidesword and a latchet crossbow which she typically carried on her horse, now that she is on foot she sometimes carries the sword strapped to her hip and sometimes rolled up in a bundle. If she has armor it is worn beneath her clothing.

Personality: She is fairly quiet, but extremely judicious in her comments, often thinking of things that the others hadn’t considered. Her words carry a great deal of weight, and she was effectively one of the three leaders of the group during their voyage from Belgrade to Krakow.

History: She does not discuss her purpose for being in Hungary, but it is known that she was close to the inner circle of Fra John of Capistrano. And as soon as he died, she had little to say about him.

Language: She speaks Low German at an expert level, as well as Latin and Polish

Private Bio: Though she is dressed like a humble Beguine, and she is in fact a widow, Kalina has the bearing of a member of the elite. Indeed, her family the Krols are prominent both within the German-speaking Danzig patriciate and among the Polish gentry in Prussia. She was working secretly on behalf of Danzig to keep an eye on Fra Capistrano, who she followed from Breslau all the way down to Hungary (and is now somewhat retracing her steps). The Prussian Confederation and her relative in the Danzig Senat were very concerned that Capistrano was going to rabble-rouse on behalf of the Teutonic Order, which could affect their war with the Order. They will be relieved by the news of his death. Her current mission is to proceed to Breslau where Capistrano still has followers, learn their plans, and more generally to determine if the Silesians intend to interfere in Prussia. Kalina is an excellent Spy, with great skill in diplomacy and stealth. She has a knack for convincing people what she wants (Negotiator Feat grants +2 over her skill bonus) and she can learn what people know, talk them into or out of things, or just confuse them fairly easily. She is attractive and not above using her looks to advance her goals. She can change her appearance considerably, from a nondescript Beguine most people would ignore, to a much more striking style hard to ignore, especially for men.

Fighting Strategy: She carries a self-spanning latchet crossbow, which she will use when fighting at a distance, though it does not cause great damage and is mainly useful for hunting small game. She carries a sidesword and knows how to use it, though she prefers to avoid close combat. She secretly wears a mail corselet under her habit which will help her stay alive in a fight. Her most important fighting Feat is her Distance Fighting MF, which grants her a Free Dice on Active Defense so long as she has room to move back. When fighting in close combat she will use one MP to attack and 2 for Defense or movement: stab and retreat. She will also use her Sidestep and Ringen MF (Free Dice on any grapple attempt) to avoid grapple. If Grappling is inevitable, she will switch to fighting with her small dagger, and use Ringen MF to try to throw her opponent.

Magic: Kalina is a spellcaster of some skill (Sage 2nd level). She carries a powerful Talisman of Freyja, which is active, and grants +2 to Spellcraft rolls, +2 to Bluff and Diplomacy (above what is on her sheet), and +1 to Defense in combat (above what is on her sheet). She knows the spells Dance of Idise, The Flight of Devana, and Holda’s Disguise. She is eager to learn more Cunning Magic if there is any opportunity.

Special: Flattery, Detect Status, Peace of God, Patron, Researcher